Tio Tapas Y Vino

A lively restaurant and wine bar offering contemporary Barcelona-style tapas on the Mornington Peninsula.

Tío, literally translates to “uncle”, however in Spain, “tio” is used to refer to friends and acquaintances as “buddy or mate”.

We welcome you to Tio Tapas Y Vino to immerse yourself in our Spanish culture while sharing the spirit of tapas and connecting with friends and family.

Our menu features a diverse selection of culinary traditions, along with contemporary techniques to create mouth-watering tapas and paellas made from fresh and authentic produce like Iberian jamon and other Denominación de Origen ingredients.

Enjoy and compliment your meal with our carefully curated list of  local and international  wines or select from our range of draught beers and chilled lagers, and classic-inspired Cocktails.

… Buen provecho salud!

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